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Solution with a marked purifying and soothing action. Ideal for preparing the skin before beauty treatments.
Creamy, soft and light emulsion, formulated to create the ideal cosmetic for sensitive skin. The unusual richness of the active substances makes this cream the most effect preparation on blemishes linked to capillary fragility. The neem oil and the frankincense essential oil are of particular importance.
COMPENSATING CREAM Thanks to its precious vegetable extracts, it has a protective and moisturising effect restoring beauty to hypolipidic, worn-out skin.
Splendid cream for protecting skin from the sun. Essential following cosmetic treatments with physical energies of various nature and different technologies.
Slimming, reducing cream. The high percentage of phospholipids promotes the slimming action that ensures tissue elasticity. Escin and caffeine, which have well-known remodelling properties, attack the blemish head-on. In addition, the methyl lactate induces a cold effect skin reaction, resulting in healthy stimulation.
Gel with high treatment effectiveness, specifically aimed at unsightly cellulite. Reduces and tones at the same time, thanks to the powerful synergy of Glaucine and Centella Asiatica, which rebalances and reactivates skin tissue. The result is a slim and toned figure and perfectly elastic skin.
Rich nourishing and elasticising cream with marked reactivating properties. Orange, carrot and calendula extracts form a precious antioxidant and soothing mix. Gives skin silkiness and deep nourishment, fighting the signs of age.
Delicate cleanser with effective cleansing action. Perfect for delicate and/or stressed skin. The Calendula extract creates a splendid soothing, unreddening effect, while the Centella Asiatica extract has a regenerating and rebalancing effect on the microcirculation.
Rich cream with prestigious "parterre" of active ingredients that transform it into a vehicle of energy and luminosity for the skin. The high percentage of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes, of the juice of Mediterranean oranges and of trace elements guarantees a deep and long-lasting effect. Soft, yet easily absorbable, it leaves the skin moisturised and nourished.
Cosmetic with marked soothing and moisturising action. The active ingredients create a powerful synergy that ensures immediate results.
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