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Two channel face electrodes. For electrostimulation or ionophoresis treatments.
1 MHz head with ergonomic PVC handpiece for easy grip and effortless movement over the body.
Handpiece for stimulation and reflexology treatments. Composed of satinised aluminium body, complete with diameter 15 chrome plated brass balls.
Laser Handpiece 10 mW. Laser 904 nm IR Pulsato with average power10 mW. Cooled with Peltier cells.
IPL handpiece and module with interchangeable front windows depending on the area to be treated. The handpiece has an external module MD-IPL-01 for activation controlled by the UNA central unit.
Brush handpiece with interchangeable brushes depending on the area to be treated. The brush rotation speed can be adjusted through a modulated action specific for each requirement.
Cable with interchangeable cups for cryoelectrophoresis body and face treatments. Kit complete with cups - two (2) 100 ml cups and two (2) 50 ml cups.
Magnetic plate with fastening loop with grip.
Chromium plates for cosmetic treatments.
Handpiece with PVC grip and steel ball head. Specifically designed for treatments involving the diffusion of compounds through transdermal vehiculation and electroporation.
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